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Para Rowing Foundation Announces Recipient of its US Paralympic Trials II Grant

PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release

Para Rowing Foundation is thrilled to support Jennifer Fitz-Roy on her quest for a Paralympic bid in the Para Mixed Double. Jen is a PR2, trunk and arms only rower, heading to the US Olympic/ Paralympic Trials II this April. She and her doubles partner will challenge the veteran US Para Mixed Doubles boat to see which boat will claim the spot to compete in Tokyo.

PRF is an international not-for-profit established to broaden the global pathway for individuals with impairments by supporting them in para rowing so they can fully explore their athletic potential. Opportunity and accessibility are global issues so PRF supports para rowers affiliated with any club or nation.

This is an example of the support that PRF delivers to athletes like Jen. “The grant from PRF relieves a major financial burden. I continue to be incredibly thankful for the Para Rowing Foundation’s support and encouragement as I work towards my goals.”

April 7, 2021

Marilyn Koblan

Para Rowing Foundation

Executive Director

71 Monmouth Street, Brookline, MA 02446

Mobile: 215-370-1041


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