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Athletes, coaches, and PRF volunteers at 2023 Portugal training intensive

What Does Expanding Opportunity and Accessibility Look Like to PRF?

Para Rowing Foundation adds practical resources where there are gaps in opportunity, accessibility, and expertise in para rowing so more people with disabilities can enjoy and compete in this incredible sport. 

This starts with asking para athletes and future para athletes one question: What do you need to freely be a part of the rowing community and achieve your fullest potential?

What Does Opportunity Look Like?

Para Rowing Foundation works globally to create and enhance opportunities for athletes with disabilities in the sport of rowing.


Since its inception in 2018, para athletes shared their needs and barriers:

  • High financial burdens for travel to trainings and competitions

  • Insufficient access to experienced para coaches

  • Insufficient access to adaptive equipment

  • Access to coaches with para rowing expertise 

  • Insufficient access to training facilities and boathouses 

  • Insufficient access to sports psychology support

  • Need for more voices that speak to para athletes' needs 

  • Need for individualized, medically-informed training

  • Need for para athlete-specific functional strength and conditioning training


To expand opportunity and accessibility PRF created initiatives such as:


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