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Sports Psychology

PRF has had the ongoing privilege of working with Dr. Jenkins, an outpatient clinical psychologist (most know him as JJ). As a mental health consultant for PRF, JJ advises our organization, gives keynote talks, and meets with individual athletes. Along with other grants, PRF offers the opportunity for individual para athletes to meet with JJ. PRF works to eliminate barriers to accessible mental health support by providing grants to cover three sessions with JJ. 

One of the ways PRF is making mental health more accessible is through our work with JJ to create free and accessible talks regarding common topics for athletes. These can be accessed from the list below or can be found here. Rowing is a sport of physical and psychological grit. The mind is an impressive tool when trained for competition and thanks to generous donations, PRF can provide open accessibility to this experience.

Please reach out if you have questions, suggestions for a topic, or would like a transcript of any of the available audiocasts on our contact us page.


As part of his work, JJ is an outpatient clinical psychologist with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) where he is a practitioner in the MGH Sport Psychology Program. JJ engages professional and amateur athletes in the Greater Boston area. In 2018, JJ became the mental health consultant for Nation United Lacrosse, a national elite lacrosse club focused on creating top recruits of color for Division I, II and III colleges. 

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