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Equipment Loan Closet

One of the requests PRF frequently encounters is: Can I give the sport a try without needing to first purchase para rowing equipment?  PRF's Loan Closet was developed as an opportunity for para athletes to try the sport and test para rowing equipment without having to first absorb the cost. The loan of equipment allows para athletes to learn what pieces work for their body, or if they even enjoy the sport. When they discover their new-found passion, PRF is here to support them in their para rowing journey. Taylor Roberts, a para athlete shared, “PRF has reinstilled a sense of motivation. I’m even more motivated in my approach to training because there is a new support with new equipment. PRF does that for me.”


PRF Equipment loans are free to approved borrowers for up to two months. The goal is to offer equipment for para athletes to try before knowing if they enjoy the sport or want to purchase the equipment.  The loan process is pretty simple.


It involves:

  • completion of your loan agreement  

  • PRF completing an intake with the athlete via Zoom to best assess your equipment needs 

  • measuring of your boat so we can manufacture a custom seat attachment to be installed in your boat.


Some items PRF loans:

  • a variety of fixed seats with the boat attachment to fit your boat  

  • a variety of hand grips

  • PR1 Oars

  • T2 Isotrainers


There is no charge for this custom boat attachment as long as you send it back when you return the seat. PRF covers the cost of shipping in both directions.


PRF's only request is that you share photos and videos along the way as you use the equipment, and take part in a short Loan Closet post-participation survey. 


Any further questions about the Loan Closet? Contact us!

A para athlete shows off a new adaptive grip loaned to them

Alex Bloom, a sophomore at Cornell University, injured his left hand in an accident. After recovering from multiple surgeries he was unable to properly grip an erg handle. Alex borrowed an Active Hands Grip Aid from PRF's Loan Closet, giving him the ability to discover if this equipment would fit his needs. It worked, allowing him to resume full training and rejoin Cornell’s Heavyweight Rowing Team. The grip aid was a total game-changer for Alex!

A para athlete using new specializied equipment from the PRF loan closet

Nick Fairall is a para athlete living with a high-level spinal cord injury. If classified, he would be considered a PR1 (arms and shoulders only). PRF was able to have Jenny Sichel (PLY) meet Nick in New Hampshire with specialized equipment from the PRF Loan Closet allowing Nick to try out rowing on an erg. After his trial, he was able to hold onto some of the equipment as a long-term loan which he is using to train and enjoy rowing. As soon as he is ready for the water PRF will be there to support him in that step too.

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