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What is PRF?

Para Rowing Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting inclusivity in rowing by expanding global opportunities and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. With an unwavering can-do attitude, PRF supports those passionately interested in overcoming barriers in pursuit of their sport. PRF is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving internationally.

Simply put…


PRF is a growing group of passionate people who believe everyBODY has the right to enjoy rowing. 

Para athlete performing resistance exercises on land
Para athlete performing on land training in the gym
Fixed Seat Athlete

Who Does PRF Serve?

What is PRF's Vision?

Coach driving a launch in Portugal
Para athlete with pontoons training on the water

What Does PRF Aim to Do?

How Does PRF Help?

What is the PRF Difference?

What are PRF's Values

Para athlete with pontoons training on the water at a Portugal Training Intensive
Para Rowing Foundation oar gliding on the water
Para athlete training on the water

How Does PRF Engage?


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