5 for 5 Hundred Challenge

Challenge yourself, coaches, friends and family to row in a fixed seat like a para rower!

Rower’s Choice, in partnership with Para Rowing Foundation and Athletes Without Limits, has launched an initiative to raise funds to promote the inclusion of all athletes in the sport of rowing.  In the continued effort  to increase accessibility to our sport for rowers of color and rowers with disabilities, all money raised will be split between Para Rowing Foundation and Athletes Without Limits. 

Watch the video demonstration of the set up featuring Alex DelSordo of Rower’s Choice and  former US National Team Rower for a tutorial on how to row in a fixed seat seen here!










Step 1: Record yourself rowing on a fixed seat with on a regular seat without using your legs

Step 2: Donate $5 for the 500 meters rowed

Step 3: Post the video on instagram, facebook, twitter, and use the hashtag #5for5hundred 

Step 4: Challenge 5 other people (teammate, coach, friend, etc.)  to donate $5 and row 500 meters without using their legs.


Have fun and challenge others to support inclusivity in rowing!

Anyone can participate, please see our guidelines below: 

- You should consult your physician or other health care professional before participating.

- You will need access to a rowing machine to participate

Thank you for considering your support of our fundraiser. Only together, can we make rowing a more inclusive sport for all -- Rowers Choice and Para Rowing Foundation  

Para Rowing Foundation
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