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Sports Psychology Tools 

PRF has had the ongoing privilege of working with Dr. Jonathan Jenkins, an outpatient clinical psychologist (most know him as JJ). As a mental health consultant for PRF, JJ advises our organization, gives keynote talks, and meets with individual athletes. Along with other grants, PRF offers the opportunity for individual para athletes to meet him. PRF works to eliminate barriers to accessing mental health support by providing grants covering three sessions. 

One of the ways PRF is making mental health care more obtainable is through our work with JJ to create free and accessible talks regarding common topics for athletes. He has been generous enough to share his discussions with PRF over the years and has made them available to the public. We have curated them here but they can also be found on PRF’s YouTube page.


Please reach out if you have questions, suggestions for a topic, or would like a transcript of any of the discussions. Contact us HERE.


Click the picture above to be directed to the Mental Skills Series from Portugal 2023

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