MISSION Our sole mission is to facilitate a path to competition for athletes with disabilities from any nation.​ ​ PRF creates opportunity by removing barriers to participation for para rowers in this high powered, competitive, international sport.

THE PROBLEM ​Currently there is a gap in opportunity that few para athletes can bridge.​ Imagine wondering:​ Are ramps or an elevator available to get to my hotel room or boathouse? ​ Are there bathrooms that are accessible to me? ​ Will coaches understand my physical needs? ​ Can I afford this? ​

VISION Our aim is to grow an engaged, connected and pride-filled para rowing community by creating a larger pool of highly trained and skilled para rowers.​


SOLUTION ​ Adding resources and support into the gap will result in more competitive para rowers. Para rowing is an Olympic and internationally medaled sport that has many obstacles along the pathway to competition. Para athletes require specific resources to level the playing field so more can compete. ​ ​ Creating para-athletic opportunities and removing barriers to participation will address the current inequities in training.​ ​