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Ever dreamed of a training intensive where every detail of travel and training was focused on para rowers?


Para Rowing Foundation has too! 


We get the time and energy it takes to travel and train as a para rower; are there ramps or an elevator to get to my room? Are there bathrooms that are accessible to me? Will coaches understand my physical needs? Can I afford this? PRF addresses these issues and more so you can fully concentrate on your training. All athletes need that freedom so they can excel. 

PRF was established to support para rowers in the pursuit of excellence. Finances, para experienced coaching, proper equipment and transportation can all take a great deal of energy and attention away from a para rower’s task at hand…TRAINING.


PRF’s sole mission is to eliminate each of these barriers to allow para rowers to fully focus on developing their highest potential in this high demand sport. We cannot wait to see what each of you can achieve!

All elite and future elite para rowers are welcome!


Athlete application necessary to participate. Generous grants are also available after an athlete is accepted. All athletes are encouraged to apply

Included in the pricing are fully para mindful and accessible:

  • Airport transfers

  • Accommodations

  • Organic local foods sourced for meals

  • Boats, seats and oars

  • High performance para coaches

  • Athlete centered intakes

  • Two on-the-water sessions each day

  • Gym with trainer sessions each day

  • On and off the water personal training plans

  • One-on-one session with our composite engineer

  • Customizable and one of a kind equipment options

  • Motivational workshops

  • Every detail is para mindful and allows for complete focus on training

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